February 9, 2016

Culinary Arts


The internship experience includes:

– Return transportation from Palermo International Airport to Alcamo

– Staff accommodations in Alcamo

At the end of the internship experience, the student will receive:

– Experience in culinary arts

– A mediterranean cultural experience

– A certificate of completion

– A detailed log of hours, duties performed and responsibilities

For more information contact Andre Proia.


Students will complete their culinary internship at the prestigious Baglio Regia Corte, a beautiful Sicilian boutique hotel and banquet hall. As a premiere venue, students will be immersed in Italian culinary practices while they work under award-winning chefs.

Originally a nineteenth-century feudal farm estate, now a boutique hotel, the Baglio has undergone a wondrous transformation that combines the allure of modernity while preserving the charm of its heritage; the architectural and structural elements typical of agricultural and aristocratic Sicilian tradition have been impressively restored.

Baglio Regia Corte is the venue of choice for those looking to host an elegant, unforgettable reception or event.  Whether a wedding or a conference, the dedicated service team ensure that no detail goes overlooked while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism.  From the breathtaking Sicilian surroundings, to the palette-pleasing haute cuisine, your stay at Baglio Regio Corte will undoubtedly be memorable.