February 9, 2016

Hair Design


The internship experience includes:

– Return transportation from Palermo International Airport to Alcamo

– Staff accommodations in Alcamo, Sicily

At the end of internship experience, the individual will receive:

– Experience in hair styling

– A Mediterranean cultural experience

– A certificate of completion

– A detailed log of hours, duties performed and responsibilities

For more information contact
Andre Proia.


This internship experience, stationed in Sicily, is tailored for individuals who are starting their careers in hairstyling as well as already certified hair stylists with three years of experience.

Enzo Coppola, having world renowned movie stars as clients, has been the official hair stylist for Miss Italy for the past 20 years. Mr. Coppola’s salons are located throughout Sicily, however, he makes annual visits to salons in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, where he showcases his creativity and talents.