January 27, 2016



Medusa Imports has partnered with Only Pasta to offer our clients an impressive range of delectable, gourmet pasta.

Only Pasta, a multi-generational family business, has been making pasta for over twenty years. Their reputation for providing fresh, top quality pasta products, gourmet sauces and entrees has endeared them to distributors like Medusa Imports, restaurants and families alike. By collaborating with discerning chefs, Only Pasta has developed a large range of custom pasta products; from advancing new product lines, to meeting market trends with our organic offerings, if there is a pasta you’re craving, we can make it!

Explore our selection:

String Pasta

Short Pasta

Specialty Pasta

Stuffed Pasta

Specialty Stuffed Pasta

Our pastas are sold at wholesale prices and delivered fresh-frozen in 5kg cases, ensuring both quality and value. Once your order is submitted, a member of Medusa Imports will be in touch to confirm delivery/pick-up date and payment options.

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